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Geoforce Indonesia is a company engaged in the field as a geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials with main product segmental retaining wall, earthwork, geosynthetic and soil improvement

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In celebration of Lustrum's 11th KMTSL Anniversary, on May 11 2024, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Family, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University will hold an alumni sharing entitled "Ngobral 2024". This sharing is held with the aim of increasing kinship between alumni and students. Apart from that, alumni sharing is expected to help students get tips and tricks from experience regarding their journey through the study process to entering the world of work. Remembering that alumni can act as mediators for students to develop.

The theme raised in this event is Insights Into Post-College Life: The Journey and Lessons. This theme aims to provide a forum for alumni to share their career experiences which can provide new insight for students about how wide the career path in civil engineering is and help students in planning their career path.

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President Director of PT Geoforce Indonesia Dandung S. Harninto for four days participated in the GEOAMERICAS 2024 event organized by IGS-NA (International Geosynthetics Society-North America) in the City of Toronto, Canada from 28 April to 1 May 2024. Apart from having read three papers case studies in the form of projects that have been completed to share experiences with practitioners, students and geosynthetic researchers on the American Continent, as well as taking part in the Short Course on Geosynthetics Reinforced Walls and Embankments Including Seismic Aspects with world geosynthetics expert instructor Prof. Richard J. Bathurst ( The GeoEngineering Center, Canada) and Prof. Ennio M. Palmeira (Univesidade de Brasilia, Brazil). These three projects (GSRW at PLTU Suralaya, Geoframe at PLTU Suralaya, and GSRW in Pangkep, South Sulawesi) really attracted the attention of the conference participants with many curious questions from participants about these projects because technically all three of them are still very unique. rarely done by geosynthetic designers/installers in the world. The third project also fully uses geosynthetic materials produced in Indonesia.

GSRW PLTU Suralaya has the highest GSRW retaining wall dimensions, namely 19.44 m with a length of 820 m and quite challenging horizontal alignment - 4 curves - with FABA (fly ash-bottom ash) loads up to 80 m high. Our engineers' ability to model segmental wall structures with PET strap (GI Strip) reinforcement with Plaxis 3D software has been well proven, being able to calculate global stability safety factors (static and dynamic) and estimate optimal walls that are close to actual measurements in the field after construction is complete. .

Meanwhile in the other two cases, the conference participants were very interested in back-to-back slender wall structures with connected reinforcement (GI Strip) where the wall height is greater than the width, because this type of structure is still rarely used in their projects. . And our engineers are also able to model well numerically with Plaxis 3D software, to calculate the value of the safety factor under static load conditions, as well as dynamic loads according to local earthquake loads. From this sharing of experience, it can be concluded that our engineers' ability to design and construct geotechnical work using geosynthetic technology is no less than that of other countries.

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18 years full of success,

PT Geoforce Indonesia has become a trusted partner in sustainable soil improvement. We have great hopes to continue to be able to participate in advancing the world of construction in Indonesia.

We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Happy birthday! #GeoforceIndonesia
Let's continue to work in developing the country


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Tuesday 6 February 2024, the Inauguration of the Management of the PT Geoforce Indonesia Bipartite Cooperation Institution was held at Workshop 2 - PT Geoforce Indonesia

Bipartite is a communication and consultation forum between employers and representatives of trade unions and/or worker/labor representatives in the context of developing industrial relations for the survival, growth and development of companies, including the welfare of workers/laborers.

It is hoped that with the existence of the Bipartite Forum a harmonious cooperative relationship will be created within PT Geoforce Indonesia.

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On Monday, February 5 2024, Basic Fire Fighting Training was held at Workshop 2 - PT Geoforce Indonesia to celebrate National K3 Month 2024.

This activity collaboration with the City Fire Department Bekasi and was attended by all PT Geoforce Indonesia Workshop personnel.

Hope after this activity, everyone will gain insight into the dangers of fire and understand how to prevent and deal with fires.

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On January 29 2024, PT Geoforce Indonesia successfully held the 2024 PT GEOFORCE INDONESIA COORDINATION MEETING. This meeting was intended for all divisions in PT Geoforce Indonesia.

This meeting began with welcoming remarks from Mr Puji Widodo as Commissioner and Mr Dandung Sri Harninto as President Director of PT Geoforce Indonesia. The presentation from each division includes performance achievements in 2023 and Work Plans in 2024.

This event is routinely held by PT Geoforce Indonesia to improve the shortcomings and challenges faced by each Division and to achieve better company targets in upcoming year. .

Let's move towards 2024 to be better.


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PT Geoforce Indonesia attended Musyawarah Kerja Daerah (MUKERDA) GAPENSI West Java held by BPD GAPENSI West Java.

MUKERDA was attended by representatives of 27 GAPENSI Branch Management Bodies (BPC) District Cities throughout West Java, GAPENSI Central Management Body (BPP), West Java KADIN as the Advisory Board, West Java FORKOPIMDA (Regional Leadership Communication Forum), related Government Services, as well as other invitations totaling approximately 180 participants.

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PT Geoforce Indonesia Engineering Team took part in the INDONESIAN PLAXIS ADVANCED COURSE 2023. This course brought together experts and analysts from all regions. This computational geotechnical course is designed for engineers and researchers seeking knowledge about the use of Plaxis
This course has the theme of using Plaxis Finite Element Methods which is very important for professional engineers to master
In this course, Engineers will learn advanced techniques and solutions from Plaxis experts and academic institutions
This course is being held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia from 10 December - 15 December 2023, and is hosted by:

• Indonesian Geotechnical Engineering Association (HATTI)
• National Geotechnical Center, National Institute of Technology (ltenas) Bandung, Indonesia.
• Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Geotechnical Engineering Scientific Group
• Computational Geotechnical Group, Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), Austria.
• Bentley Institute

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