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Geoforce Indonesia is a company engaged in the field as a geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials with main product segmental retaining wall, earthwork, geosynthetic and soil improvement

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GSRW (Geoforce Segmental Retaining Wall)

In the current era of globalization, a lot of infrastructure must be built to keep pace with economic progress and population growth. One of them is the construction of new roads and multi-storey roads (fly over), we often encounter fly over construction in big cities, especially in the city of Jakarta, this is done to reduce congestion at intersection areas. The fly over construction itself must be designed in such a way that it adds to the beauty of the city. One of them is the construction of a retaining wall on the oprit fly over.

PT. Geoforce Indonesia, a new company that is growing rapidly with the main business of construction services, especially in the field of soil improvement, provides an alternative for construction development in Indonesia, namely by developing the construction of retaining walls, with the name Geoforce Segmental Retaining Wall or abbreviated GSRW. This construction is not new, but PT. Geoforce Indonesia tries to combine Engineering, Economic and Art aspects in its design.

Geoforce Segmental Retaining Wall (GSRW) is a blend of Engineering, Economics, and Art. In addition to being strong in engineering, competitive prices compared to similar segmental products, GSRW also provides high artistic value. So it is very suitable to be built in the middle or outside the city because the construction can add to the beauty of the city. In addition we offer convenience and speed in the application.