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Geoforce Indonesia is a company engaged in the field as a geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials with main product segmental retaining wall, earthwork, geosynthetic and soil improvement

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GI-Tube Non Woven

GI-Tube is a large geosynthetic tube made of 2 layers of special Non-Woven geotextile material. Each GI-Tube elements is very innovative and environmentally friendly. The outer part of non woven serves to catch the surrounding sand so that this material can be protected naturally. GI-Tube fill material should be sand, that can be obtained easily in large quantities around the coast or river. Mechanically, sand is a stable element and have a very low shrinkage coefficient after installed on site.

Advantages of GI-Tube :

  • Has a very small opening size, the permeability of  the material is good enough to immediately  discharge water inside,  this means the installation process can be done very easy and fast
  • Flexible (it can follow shoreline and soil contours) and has a very high durability 
  • Environmentally friendly, does not cause pollution, it can even blend with the surrounding environment when moss and sea plants have grown on the surfaces 
  • Can be produced in various sizes as needed

GI-Tube has been proven superior to be applied in in Hydraulic Engineering, as follows :

  • Coastal protection from abrasion 
  • Return of coastline lost due to abrasion 
  • Beach/ coastal reclamation 
  • Protection of water structures 
  • River normalization

In addition, GI-Tube can also be used for Environmental Engineering as :

  • Sludge packing (industrial process waste material) 
  • Dewatering mud in a pond / lake / river 
  • Livestock and agricultural waste filters