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Geoforce Indonesia is a company engaged in the field as a geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials with main product segmental retaining wall, earthwork, geosynthetic and soil improvement

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Geotextile Non Woven PP-PET

GlobalTEX Non Woven as a superior product of non woven type geotextile, has been designed and produced through long experience. Adequate knowledge of production technology and geotechnical knowledge has resulted in superior geotextile products.

The product issued is in accordance with the designation/field application in the field of soil mechanics. Through research and testing every square meter of GlobalTEX Non Woven that is produced and sent to our clients has advantages that are far above other similar products, including :

a. GlobalTEX Non Woven functions well as a separator, because it has high puncture resistance to ensure that the material is not damaged during operation. The function of the separator is as a separating medium between two layers of material with different properties so that they are not mixed (intermixing). So that the embankment material whose properties are much better is maintained during the service period.

b. GlobalTEX Non Woven functions both as a filter and drainage, because it has relatively small pore openings but has high permeability. Global TEX Non Woven functions as a good barrier to soil particles, but still allows the flow of water to be uninterrupted. This criterion is very important when applied to drainage which requires no clogging of the drainage medium due to the accumulation of large amounts of loose soil particles. Likewise, when applied to filter construction under rip-rap, GlobalTEX Non Woven properly retains soil/sand particles but still allows the flow of water to be completely undisturbed so that there will be no increase in hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure of water which disrupts heap stability.

c. Even though GlobalTEX Non Woven is not specifically designed for reinforcement, it is also designed to support its function as a separator to have adequate tensile strength. So apart from its main function as a GlobalTEX Non Woven separator it also provides a strengthening function. As an effect reinforcement membrane under embankment for road applications for example will be well provided by GlobalTEX Non Woven.

d. GlobalTEX Non Woven which has high puncture resistance also functions as a layer of geomembrane protection. Geomembrane is a synthetic material as an impermeable layer, which due to its characteristics is highly susceptible to puncture hazards by static or dynamic materials. GlobalTEX Non Woven provides maximum protective function so that the geomembrane will function optimally as an impermeable layer during its operational period.