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Geoforce Indonesia is a company engaged in the field as a geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials with main product segmental retaining wall, earthwork, geosynthetic and soil improvement

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Geotextile Non Woven PET

GlobalTEX Non Woven is one of geosynthetic  having high-permeability on a very small opening size. This material is manufactured from needle punched Polyester or Polypropylene staple fibers. As a superior product of non woven geotextile, this material has been designed and produced through long experience so that it will performs perfectly on site for a soil mechanics application.

Advantages :

  • Separator

This material will perform best as a separator between two layers of different material properties to avoid intermixing.

  • Filter and drainage

GlobalTEX Non Woven can retain any kind of soil material, but still allows water flow in and out. This means, clogging on the drainage media can be avoided. When applied as a filter under rip-rap, this material can also withstand soil fills and keeps passing water so that there will be no increase in hydrostatic pressure that can reduce the stability of the embankment.

  • GlobalTEX Non Woven

Although not specifically designed for reinforcement, to support the function as a separator, it is also designed to have sufficient tensile strength.

  • Geomembrane Protection Layer

Geomembrane is an impermeable geosynthetic material, that susceptible to hazard puncture by static or dinamic force. GlobalTEX Non Woven provides maximum protective function so that the geomembrane will perform maximal as an impermeable layer during its operational life.