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Geoforce Indonesia is a company engaged in the field as a geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials with main product segmental retaining wall, earthwork, geosynthetic and soil improvement

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Hydraulic structures is a highly growing segment of the geosynthetic market. What is meant by hydraulic structure here is for dams and canals. Hydraulic structures in contact with water can be a cause of more serious damage to the environment. Geosynthetics are often required to limit interactions between structures and water. Geosynthetics can increase the stability of hydraulic structures.

For hydraulic structures, geosynthetics can be used for :

  • Reduce or maintain seepage when using geomembranes
  • Reduce or protect channel slopes from erosion by using geomembranes
  • Provide drainage and/or filters using geotextiles and geonets
  • Provide reinforcement for the foundation of the structure or the structure itself by using a geogrid


Geomembrane and GCL are impermeable layers and are generally used to create a hydraulic barrier on the upstream side of the weir. Geomembrane can also be used exposed or covered with materials such as concrete panels or rip-rap stone. The use of geomembranes has proven its usefulness in preventing concrete damage due to the passage of time or age. Exposure conditions can shorten the life of the geomembrane due to degradation due to ultraviolet light, but repair can be done very easily. Geomembrane covers can be subject to danger of damage, such as punching caused by the material being spread above or below it, therefore geotextiles are often placed as a protective layer.

Leaks in the geomembrane mainly occur due to damage to the welding joint and holes due to punctured sharp objects. In general, damage can be minimized through a strict CAQ/CQC program at the time of implementation in the field. However, the actual leakage is predictable because the geomembrane has been exposed for a long time. To protect the structure, geonets or geonets are generally used as drainage behind the geomembrane. The leaking water is collected and discharged through channels through the body of the dam or returned to the dam. Geosynthetic systems are attached to the surface of the weir by mechanical means, usually using anchor bolts and strip plates. Gaskets and sealants are used for the purpose of sealing the joints.